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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a book? Yes, AHA mandates that all students for all AHA class have an individual book.  Students can purchase a book on this website and stop by and pick it up before class.

Is there a pre-test? There is a mandatory pretest for ACLS, PEARS, PALS and NRP classes. Answer: YES, all students are required to complete the pretest BEFORE class and bring a print out verifying completion with them the day of class.  

Where do I complete the pre-test?  Answer: Students can find the pretest on their personal AHA accounts on the formal AHA website.  Log on to your account, go to the pretest for the class that you are taking and complete it. The pretest is FREE, so it is NO NECESSARY to purchase the pretest.


So, is CPR training needed to graduate high school?

Answer: Yes! It is now a requirement in 38 states, as of 2017-2018, for students who wish to graduate high school to take and pass CPR training. Be CPR Smart & browse the shop for more detail. Get involved and take the course! You will have the piece of mind, and confidence, to handle REAL LIFE scenario's where CPR is needed -and will be a HERO! 

Is Vital Signs Mobile CPR an American Heart Associated and Certified company?

Answer: Yes! The staff are certified trainers and use the newest and most up-to-date material to train you so you stay informed no matter what!

What classes are offered?

Answer: ALL! Check our Home Page where the lists can be found under the section What We Do. If you think you'd like to see a certain class available please let us know!

Where can the classes be viewed? 

Answer: Oh that's easy! From the Home Page, click the button that has the scheduler to take you to the calendar where you can plan, choose, and pay for each class. You can also request to have a class on any of the days unmarked by Clicking HERE! 

How are classes offered?

Answer: The classes are offered on a need to grow basis - this means YOUR time, YOUR class, YOUR involvement. Certification is a requirement and efforts to take CPR training must remain priority, scheduling after-hours and planned mobile designated location-base teaching are offered. All you have to do is schedule it on the calendar and we will get you up to speed. Consider planning accordingly as you'll want to avoid having your certificate expire.

Do you offer discounts?

Answer: Yes! Right now for high school students, if you refer a friend you can receive 25% off of your MANDATORY CPR training. Refer two friends and get your certification for 40% off. Refer four friends and have a group training of five or more and your certification training will be free!!!

I'm in a hurry and running out the door! There's a sandwich in one hand and a child in my arms. Documents are flying in a trail behind me and I'll probably run a little late. I've registered, paid, and afraid I'll miss a huge portion of class. What will happen?

Answer: We will get you rescheduled for the next available opening and propose you have your class taken in the comfort of your home. That's right, Vital Signs Mobile CPR will come to you! All you have to do is call us prior to class and tell us whats going on: we are very understanding and will reschedule your training based on your needs to a more convenient time for you. 

Can I pay online?

Answer: Yes!

Will I receive a certificate after class?

Answer: Yes, Immediately following a completed and successful course you will receive your certificate!

Am I able to book a class from my cellular device?

Answer: Yes! Try booking through CALENDAR, and getting materials by clicking the SHOP when you visit on any mobile platform; and enjoy the ease of access on any cellular device! 

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