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Vital Signs Mobile CPR (vsmCPR) is a privately owned company that is dedicated to the reduction of death and disability caused by cardiovascular diseases including heart diseases and stroke as identified by the CDC. As part of this dedication, vsmCPR has created a program in partnership with the Department of Defense to educate bridging military personnel in the approved evidence-based science authorized by the American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines for CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular resuscitation. 



Mission Statement: To accelerate the connection of our bridging personnel with like-minded global entrepreneurs, and to create economic opportunities that are sustainable

The goal of our partnership with the DOD SkillBridge Program is to provide hands-on skills to military personnel who are bridging from active duty into the civilian community.  Individuals who participate in this program will be trained in the science of CPR at the completion of our program.  Bridging personnel will become the next generation of trained and certified AHA instructors.  


Vision Statement: To give our military personnel every opportunity to become successful members of the global workforce.

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